Happiness: Your first priority in life

How often do you find that your life is meaningless?

For some people life is nothing but a meaningless series of events, for other people life is just about studying and then working to afford a decent living, with some optional activities like falling in love or having hobbies.

Yet for others life has a meaning, a clear goal, however most of these people spend their efforts at a goal perpendicular at best, and completely opposite at worst, of their true goal in life: happiness.


Why should you help others? Because other people tell you to do so. Why should you study and then work? Because other people tell you to do so. Why do you rebel against those people yet end up doing what other different people tell you to do anyway? Because other people tell you to do so.

Everything you do is your decision, and all of your decisions depend on your emotions and knowledge, and guess who put those emotions and knowledge in your head? Other people. When everything in your life depends on what other people told you to do maybe its time to rethink whether those people were right or not.

And the first thing you have to shave off is the notion that you must do a certain set of things in life, what is absolutely wrong. In the end, you do things because those things make you happy or less unhappy than their alternatives, and when you conform to what other people tell you to do, that’s just because doing what other people tells you to do is so simple and straightforward.

However, if you’re able to endure going against the flow, you’ll be able to have a much, much, much wider set of options that will greatly increase your chances at achieving the most happiness, which is what you’re looking for one way or the other, be it by conforming or be it by enjoying all the nice things that come when you make always the most efficient decisions, not necessarily the most socially accepted.

Why happiness?

Life is just like a videogame, and all videogames have objectives, even when some of those are self-imposed by the players themselves.

In life there are virtually infinite objectives, but in the end the most important objective is being as happy as you can. And this is because happiness is what shapes your mind, when you play a videogame it is enjoyable because you’re trying to achieve an objective, and getting closer to it gives makes you feel accomplished and happy.

You don’t play a videogame to win, you play it to have fun, be it by winning or by doing anything but winning (e.g The Stanley Parable). Life is the same, you don’t live to “win”, life is open-ended and you have to set your own objectives, and in the end life is not about “winning” but about having fun, about being happy.

And if you must play, you might as well have the most fun, and here’s how.

How to achieve the most happiness

Now that you understand that happiness is your objective in life, there are two steps (that I’ll explain in detail in future posts) that will greatly help you get there:

  1. Clean your mind from impurities, these might include: Religion (please keep reading), morality (seriously) and any other intellectual or emotional issue that you might have
  2. Develop (or simply adopt) an organizational system that will allow you to better organize and prioritize your life

And that’s it, insane? Yes, who knew that religion was wrong right? It’s not like your parents told you about it and you blindly learned it from them, oh wait. Also morality, but feel free to discuss that below in the comments.

Conclusively, life is about pursuing a goal, and that goal is happiness since any goal you set up by yourself is ultimately motivated by, yes, your subconscious pursuit of happiness. And to achieve that goal you need to have a clean, rational mind that makes the best decisions and a great organization to get the most from those decisions.

Life’s too short to worry about anything else but being happy.


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