How to cook meth

A great clickbait title, if only I got a cent from this blog though.

Yesterday an acquaintance asked me about a simple issue: How to make drugs (or meth if you prefer).

My answer was quite complete, and it made me think: Wait, people do listen to me (sometimes) and profit from what I tell them, what if I made a blog or explained my ideas to people on purpose?

Of course this was the three-millionth time I had thought about it, but considering the great amount of information that I revised as I was explaining the whole process, and the mental stimulation and the ideas that came afterwards, I made a decision: this blog.

And low let’s get part to the FBI-friendly (and original) explanation about this transcendental issue! (partially inspired by this wonderful article)

You need several things to cook meth:

-A chemist (to understand the chemical processes involved and perfect them)

-Really expensive lab materials (unless you want toxic and ingredients-intensive meth)

-Knowledge of the chemical processes required to elaborate meth (the chemist might know already, otherwise just check out the internet)

(plus the ingredients that can be found at many legal stores separately but I ignored this since it wasn’t a very detailed explanation)

The chemist is easy job for you since there’s this guy in the park who studies chemistry and already told me about this meth-cooking thingy, the lab materials cost hundreds of thousands (unless you use the one-pot method which is inefficient and slow) and I bet you can find how to cook meth in the internet (other less-known drug recipes must be in the internet somewhere).

However there are several problems with this, mainly the fact that we’re talking about an extremely illegal enterprise which requires extremely careful planning as to not to get caught quick, for example those guys who grew weed using special lights that were so hot that they warmed up the snow in the roof, alerting nearby cops of their weed-growing business.

Even if you got enough money, materials and the perfect place for the laboratory along with all the necessary safety measures, there’s one issue: Money laundering. There are three ways to solve this problem:

1) Launder it slowly by buying things with the money like tobacco and groceries

2) Set up a complex operation to launder it (certainly beyond our scope)

3) Go to an unstable or outright anarchical place (e.g some parts of mexico and the middle east) and set up an even more complex operation to launder drug money through international borders (definitely beyond our scope)

In conclusion, I told them that in general illegal actions are either for those at the bottom or those at the top. Either be modest and stay under the radar so that they don’t even know about you or make something so big and impressive that everyone knows what you’re up to but nobody dares to stop you.

So the lesson here is: Don’t make drugs you’ll get caught, don’t do drugs either, though if you can pull off something so huge that nobody can stop you then you might consider making drugs, also cannabis seems safer than alcohol actually.

I’d rather stick to legal business and dark chocolate though.


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